Brazos River Labradors
We started breeding labs in 1995 for the love of the breed. We have now been breeding for over 20 years. Our labs love the water and are excellent retrievers. Their loyalty and ability to be trained makes them enjoyable to work with. Thanks to excellent lab breeders in Arizona and Texas and their willingness to pass on their knowledge and experience, we have learned a great deal about breeding labs and have improved the quality and conformation of our labs over the years. We have been fortunate to be able to breed with some of the best champions of recent times. Our goal has always been to produce Labradors that have excellent conformation, are pleasant to live with and possessing those abilities that make them natural hunting companions. Their calm yet loyal temperament makes them excellent family pets and protectors. They love to play and retrieve, then curl up for a nap on the living room rug on a cold evening.
 Our first chocolate lab was rated EXCELLENT by OFA and all of our Labs are OFA certified, eyes cerf. and AKC registered.

For more information about our Labs and upcoming litters please contact us via email  at or call us at (254)717-4128.


        Rebecca Santa Maria

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